Zombie Jerk


Taken from the 1992 7″ Vinyl release Dawn Of The Dead the track Zombie Jerk is about what happens in a dive of a nightclub called Quincys after a dry up has taken over the town we lived in called Dumbarton.

According to the original drummer of The Pleasure Pain and he was totally convinced about this –  He maintained that whenever there was a  dry up everyone from the schemes (Scottish Housing Estates) would make their way to the town and get off their heads on drink. Chaos would then reign big time and the nightclubs and bars of the town centre would turn into mini battle grounds.

For those of you uncool and maybe smart enough to not know what a dry up is, it is when there is no cannabis available in the immediate area where you live. This can last for days or weeks and there are lots of different opinions and conspiracies as to why this happens, which I won’t go into here.

Having never really been into smoking hash (Well, inhaling it anyway) I was always amazed that whenever there was a dry up, it became the number 1 topic of conversation with most of my mates at that time. I suppose it was because our scene, annoyingly to me, crossed over with the local drug world.

Watsy, the bass player had come up with a new track that needed words so I penned these lyrics to it as a satirical imagining of a dance called “The Zombie Jerk” and the type of users who might engage in it as they struggled through a typical dry up.

This track would go on to become one of my favourite Pleasurepain numbers and I still enjoy listening to it over 25 years later.

Hope you like it too.

Coming Soon On Weirdbeat Records

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